Act now for retirement security for all Oregonians

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With one in two Oregonians at risk of retiring into poverty, we are facing an imminent retirement crisis.

All Oregonians deserve the opportunity to retire with dignity and without having to rely on state services in their golden years. The new study released by the National Institute on Retirement Security confirms that the American Dream of retiring comfortably after a lifetime of work will be impossible for many. 

The average working household has virtually no savings. Working-age households have a median retirement account balance of $3,000, and near-retirement households have an average of $12,000. There's no denying there's a retirement crisis in Oregon, and it's up to us to do something about it now!

Please take five minutes right now to contact your senator and tell him or her that we need retirement security!

The Oregon House passed HB 3436. Now it's up to the Senate.
Watch the video below for some testimony highlights.

HB 3436 Passes Oregon House from Retirement in Reach on Vimeo.

  • 00:10 Rep. Jules Bailey begins by talking about retirement security as a huge structural problem.
  • 00:30 Rep. Bailey lists of some alarming stats.
  • 00:48 Rep. Bailey shares his personal story about retirement security.
  • 01:20 Rep. Bailey lays down some truth about the current state of retirement saving.
  • 02:35 Rep. Tobias Reed describes the process for the task force.
  • 03:15 Rep. Peter Buckley shares his personal story and talks about the cultural shift in retirement security over the last few decades.
  • 03:40 Rep. Peter Buckley calls for action.