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Annie Smith“The CAPE political contributions we make help our union elect the best politicians who’ll meet our needs and the needs of our clients. Our last few contracts got us big raises and the health care benefits that we so desperately needed. The added bonus is that when you contribute to CAPE, you can get back up to $50 for individuals and $100 for joint filers on your taxes. Please sign up to be a CAPE contributor.” 

—Homecare Provider Annie Smith, Portland

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When you make a voluntary contribution to CAPE (Citizen Action for Political Education), you help elect lawmakers who support the issues that matter to working people and our families. Nationwide, over 300,000 SEIU members, staff and retirees contribute to CAPE. We know that when we speak with one voice about what working people need, politicians listen. Set up your contribution right now.

This contribution qualifies for the Oregon Political Tax Credit.
Single filers are eligible for a credit of up to $50 per year; joint filers up to $100 per year.

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If you would prefer to contribute by mail, send a check to:
SEIU Local 503 CAPE
PO Box 12159
Salem, OR 97309-0159

Or you can contact us at 800.452.2146 for more information.

Contributions to SEIU Local 503 CAPE are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.
This authorization shall remain in effect until revoked in writing by me.